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SHARE Hampton Roads is a community building organization that offers nutritious food packages at discounted rates.  Each value food package is worth approximately $35-$40, but can be purchased for $22 and two hours of volunteer service of your choice. 

Each month a value package will include approximately 4-6 pounds of frozen meat, staple items such as potatoes and onion, fresh fruits and vegetables.  It also includes side dish items and a dessert item.  There are no qualifications to participate in SHARE!  Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate without filling out forms, membership fees, or coupons! For more information call Jesse Pittman at 407-3325 or the church office 587-2996.

Signup dates for 2017 are as follows:

Month                       Signup Day                            Signup/Pickup Day                            

January                     1-13 (6-8pm)                            1-28 (9-10am)

February                    2-9 (6-8pm)                            2-25 (9-10am)

March                        3-9 (6-8pm)                            3-25 (9-10am)

April                          4-6 (6-8pm)                            4-22 (9-10am)

May                           5-4 (6-8pm)                            5-20 (9-10am)

June                           6-8 (6-8pm)                           6-24 (9-10am)

July                            7-6 (6-8pm)                           7-22 (9-10am)

August                        8-10 (6-8pm)                         8-26 (9-10am)

September                  9-7 (6-8pm)                           9-23 (9-10am)

October                      10-5 (6-8pm)                         10-21 (9-10am)

November                  11-2 (6-8pm)                          11-18 (9-10am)

December                  11-30 (6-8pm)                        12-16 (9-10am)